Our Vision


To Live In A World Where No Child Is Left Behind

Our Mission


We will strive each year to make a positive difference in the lives of children within the local community who need it most.  We will do so by:

1.) Providing support and resources for disadvantaged children to help them to thrive and to build, strengthen and sustain individual family and community life.


2.)  Providing support and resources for children such that they can participate in activities or sports of their choosing that provides a healthy and positive atmosphere.

Our Values



Inspired by results, we promise to persevere.  We understand small victories are only building blocks to our organizations overall goal and promise never to give up creating these building blocks.  We refuse to turn away from challenges.


Prioritization of needs creates a sense of urgency and focus.  We promise to never to lose sight of the end goal, adapt as necessary and succeed at what we have set out to do. 


We believe investing the time and resources to be thoughtful will ensure our solutions will have a greater and lasting impact.



We are committed to our cause, our community and our supporters.  We promise to listen, engage and execute. 

Our Commitment to Equity


We commit to operate as an inclusive, diverse and equitable organization.  This commitment encourages creativity, effectiveness and positive collaboration.  Our outreach and actions will reflect these qualities.

Our Approach


We know that our vision cannot be achieved by only a single person, organization or approach.  As we work towards our vision we will continue to collaborate with individuals, our community, corporations and other organizations.  We will continue to evaluate, improve and execute effective strategies.  We encourage new ideas, approaches and feedback.  We don’t expect agreement on all things. However, we do challenge our organization and the community to listen, learn and be open to new ideas so that we may grow alongside each other.